Apollo Space Grey 1 Seater Sofa

Sale priceRs. 19,579.00

Elevate your living space to new heights with the Apollo Space Grey 1 Seater Sofa – a pinnacle of enduring style and modern comfort. Meticulously crafted from robust solid wood, this sofa seamlessly blends timeless sophistication with everyday luxury. Designed for both practicality and aesthetic pleasure, its spacious layout effortlessly accommodates guests, making it the perfect addition to any occasion. The Apollo Sofa's classic yet stylish appearance adds an element of opulence to your room, transforming it into a haven of refined living. Redefine your home with the Apollo Space Grey 1 Seater Sofa – where enduring style meets unparalleled comfort, creating a living experience like no other.

Size(Inch): H31 * W34 * D31

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