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Zorin as a partner, helps partners find the right furniture. For too long you have been able to do it, but in a laborious and tedious way. We'll show you what we did to automate the sourcing process. How you can use our platform to ease your sourcing process.

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10/57, 2nd Floor, Kirti Nagar Industrial Area, Kirti Nagar, New Delhi 110087

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You can boost your showroom sales with Zorin Today with Zorin products - quality and designs that is cherished by all customers and households.
With a 90% repeat customer ratio, you are destined to win!

Bulk Purchase

Let Zorin handle your bulk furniture purchase, we ensure the Quality, Fit, Finish and Delivery of your products and ensure they reach the destined location safely.

Bulk Expertise now available online.

Corporate Sales

Let Zorin be your furniture partner for all your corprate needs - hospitals, offices, hostels, schools and other institutions.

Your designs and materials, complemented by our finish and quality.


Zorin makes exquisite designs and finishes, with an internal R&D team and a large manufacturing capacity you will be trusting your supply chain with the right supplier for years.


Zorin is the ultimate place for architects to find the right furniture. With no middlemen, architects can buy directly from the factory customized to your design. Contact now.

Interior Designers

As a designer, you have less time to manage inventory. Zorin will handle the heavy lifting for you. Plan your furniture in your space so it's effortless to select, buy, and deliver to your customers.

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