Buying the perfect sofa set can be confusing and overwhelming, you go to the market or visit online stores and realize that the same designs are available at different prices. You can never be so sure of the quality of the material being made available. So how to go about it?

The first step to your perfect living room furniture is deciding your budget, a budget sofa with good quality will retail from Rs. 25,000- Rs 45,000. Medium Range Sofa will retail from Rs. 45,000 to Rs. 90,000. A Premium Range Sofa will retail from 90,000 to 1,50,000. Anything beyond this range becomes a Luxury product and it knows no limits.

Once you have decided your budget, understand your usage. Heavy usage will be weekly sitting for 30+ hours. Medium will be weekly sitting of 10-15 hours. Light usage can be once a week usage for less than 4 to 5 hours.

Transparently discuss these details with your furniture retailer and explain your furniture budget and your furniture usage. Basis this information your Retailer will suggest Sofa designs that will be at par with your requirements.

In Terms of Composition be clear on how many people stay in your family and how many guests visit your place, usually, a smaller house will encompass a 3+1+1 Sofa or an 8×6 Sofa Set and in cases of bigger houses, one may look at combinations like 4+3+3 or 3+2+2 and more.

Finally, the fabric you chose should be as per your interiors. Fabrics may be solid suede colors, printed suedes, or leatherettes.

The good things are our Sofas are designed after thorough research of the market, fitted with high-performance fabrics and leatherette along with superior foaming designed for optimal usage. Various compositions are available to provide you the perfect sofa on any budget.

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