Buying Furniture for your home is the sweetest, most enjoyable yet the most tedious task out there. The number of decision-makers, the different choices make buying difficult. But fear not, we are here to help you!

A Guide To Buying Bedroom Furniture

Complete your Bedroom with our recommended list:

  1. BEDS – Of course, what is a bedroom without a good-looking bed that is practical and comfortable. You first have to decide the bed box (storage style) you need :- Various options available are Hydraulic Box, Basic Box, Front Storage Box. Once the bed box is decided explore design options in variety of options be it Cushioned Headboard, High Gloss headboard or just a contemporary headboard. Widest Options of Beds are available with Zorin. Non Storage Options may be available too for institutional and projects. Don’t forget to add in a side table as per your storage preference. Check our a variety of bed options here.
  2. WARDROBE – Next in line is your storage solution for your clothing. Here you have to first decide how much storage you need according to your clothing size. An average Indian requirement gets solved by a 3 Door Wardrobe. However options are available in 2 Door and 4 Door Wardrobes as well. We have designed Wardrobes in a way that each bed can be interchangeably matched with any wardrobe. Do check our newly launched models – Alpha & Block.
  3. DRESSING TABLE – In today’s time be it men or women both need to dress up to make an impact. Earlier dressing table used to be furniture for the female however now men equally prefer using dressing furniture where they can style themself. As per your storage requirement and room decor choose combinations of White high gloss and Walnut Finish. Our latest model Arbor Dressing Table has been a preferred choice of many Indian consumers
  4. TV UNIT- This furniture piece totally depends on how you use your room. Many people prefer watching TV in their room, however as per the changing trend, the TV Unit is something that is going to living room from bedroom. and TV Unit is being replaced by Wall Units. Our BlueMoon TV Unit is a delightful piece of furniture you can add to your room.
  5. BEDROOM CHAIRS– Newly joining the list of bedroom furniture is bedroom chairs due to increasing affordability of this furniture. Bedroom Chairs are designed in Teak Wood Or Metal to add an instant look to your Bedroom. These can often be used in lobby as well as your bedroom. LB-02 is a preferred choice of most of Indian Buyers as it is affordable and settles in easily.
  6. Bed Ottoman – The newest addition to the bedroom furniture, this is the most fashionable element of your bedroom. Adding an ottoman uplifts your room instantly. Use an ottoman to watch TV and even lace your shoes while you go off to work.
  7. Decor – Pair your Bed with Sidelamps placed on your side table.
  8. Study Table & Chair – With the increasing requirement of Work From Home Furniture, this has recently come into high demand. Choose one based on functionality and your work requirement. For example – a higher sitting requires an ergonomic chair and not a wooden chair. Study Tables need to be more storage-friendly, that’s how we designed our SU1 aka. Study Unit -1.

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